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Viking line Wei’an Dong Ni-Bal is looking forward to renewing with the team

Viking has hoped that he became the first team in the superb bowl this week, but the eagle broke their hopes. Forced Minnesota to focus on the rest of the event.

One is the renewal issue of Anthony Barr. Viking has previously implemented Bal 2018 contract options, Camisetas de fútbol baratas and Camisetas de fútbol baratas Bal is expected to revenue $ 12.3 million in the last year of the rookie contract.

Bal did not clarify his quotation, Camisetas de fútbol but he said that if you can stay, you will be very happy: «Money is so water, I am very happy to ensure a place,»

«Yes, I love this.» Balli said in an interview, «Undoubtedly, I love my teammates, I love this team, I love this city. I am here for my own future.»

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The red rock final shooting tiger lost Arizona

In the eleventh week of the regular season, Cincinnati Tiger Restaurant 31-34 did not suffer two-game losing streak after suffering from Diarisa. The two teams were brushed out of 300 yards of the password number, but the red scitch quartz-Pacon-Parme had 4 times.

The first festival, the red scitch quarter-points Kakanson-Palmer came to the slot in the outside — Fitzgelad, camisetas de fútbol replicas push the ball with a short distance, the first trial long distance, Camisetas de fútbol but was slammed Wei Leon — Hall Cascade. The first section is 1 minute and 09 seconds, and the Tiger quartz Wei Di-Daltton quickly brought the short-term Feng Thai-Efte on the right after fast kick, the latter easily advanced 3 yards. At the end of the first quarter, playing the game Michael NGDTT ensures additional points. At the end of the first quarter, Cincinnati Mason 7-0 is leading.

The second quarter begins with a half, first attack, Camisetas de fútbol baratas the squadron passed the ball from Central — Palmer to the Run David — Johnson, was hugged by the Mmier Way Wei Manuel-Lamur, fortunately The offensive cut-off ablation is not a ball switch. Subsequently, Par silently could find the close-end Wind Dolong-Füls, and the latter won the ramp. In the second quarter of the second quarter, the left side of the Tiger quartz Wei Dolu Du Du Du Dolu, the latter rushed 41 yards to advance the ball into the red row. With the running 卫 杰 米 米 希 2 2 The code is successful, and the tiger is 14-7 in half.

In the second half, the rickets were taken back from the tiger hand, followed by a wonderful reachable array. Parmimal is long, and the jj-Nielsen picks up the ball for the rock to add 6 points. With the shooting of Kang Tzalo, the two sides 14-14 returned to the same running line. After the four-speed attack of the tiger, the next round of the printed offensive group was completely crushed with the Tiger Defense Group. 7 times of attacking speed balance, the tiger did not have substantial trouble to the red ramp. In the end, Parmer passed the left, and the young outer joined John — Brown endpad received a 18-yard pass to the ball. Rock 21-14 leads. Attack and defense, the tiger offensive group still didn’t get it, Dalton was almost killed within the end of his own side, camisetas de fútbol replicas and the four gears were not only able to discard kick. The patron offensive group is more and more brave, eventually by the rookie running guard David — Johnson’s pass Palm Colorant in the end area and then next City. In the third quarter, Arizona’s red squash hit a 21-200.

At the end of the Tiger offensive group, there was a top color, steady to the front code before, and finally pushed 1 code from Jeremy-Hill. There were 8 minutes and 41 seconds left from the competition. The torch multi-person raid tactics received the effect, and the killing of Dalton caused the ball, starting to cause an attack and defense switch before the Tiger terminal area, and finally the shot won 3 points. At the critical moment, Efte is connected to the end zone, chasing the score to 28-31. Subsequently tigers and shoot, and only one minute left at this time. The speed push tactics of the Palchak offensive group made a victory again, and the shooting of Cantanzaro did not kill the tiger.