Pony trial outer handle Brandman Marshall

Beijing August 3, the outer hand, Brandon Marshall, has not been completely retracted.

US time is reported on Friday, according to ESPN, Cheap NFL Jerseys this 35-year-old old will be tried in Pony.

The Marshall was originally an effectiveness of the Hawks in the 2018 season, but only completed 11 batches, pushed 136 yards, reached once, and then cut off by the team. After that, Marshall also signed the Saints, but it has been cut off.

This career has been selected for 6 professional bowls. The career has come to the next year. In the past two seasons, he added 12 games to complete 29 battles. The last time I selected a professional bowl was 2015 (jet), that year, he cheded 109 times, pushed 1502 yards, reached 14 times.

Of course, the pony will not sign Marshall and have not contained. They also tried to run the Mike Gillislee.

Patients have a lineup of Ty Hilton, Devin Funchess, Two-wheeled, Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping Parris Campbell, Chester Rogers and Dion — DEON CAIN.