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The four points of Baviwavot maintain a clear understanding of the strength of Viking people

When the second season of Teddy Bridgewater is coming, the Minnesota Weijing is considered a popular team in the playoffs during the offset season.

In Viking, Bridgewater got the year’s best new show (Pepsi NFL Rookie of the Year) issued by the NFL official website in the 2014 season and is the highest score of professional football focus network. Entry, Adrian Peterson, the title of the target number, plug-in McLallace, joined the team to become a long threat, and the defensive group is a professional bowl level Young talent.

Although Bridgewater is optimistic about the opportunity of Viking people, he refused to be intoxicated in the ticking of the team. «Now, we don’t think so well,» Bridgewater said to the media. «We know that the upper limit is very high, the expectation is very high in our expectation & mdash; & mdash; not just for the player, the coaches have a high expectation for us. We know that our requirements, but we have a long way to go. «

We are not ready to think that Viking will win the national UN, but it is Bridgewater to make us excited about the Viking of this season.

Mike Zimmer saw sufficient potential in the University of Louisville, so he would make Bridgewater becoming a team’s key font before early December last December. Bridgewater showed excellent passage hit rates in the rest of the game, the calm performance in the pocket, and cheap jerseys his pass in the final five games reached 72.1%.

If such a strong quarter-cheap china jerseys free shipping manifestation can continue to this season, Viking will become a strong competitor of the seasons.

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Red leather signing quartz Swash — Sanchez

In the Sunday competition, the red skin quartz, Alex Smith encountered a serious leg injury, cheap jerseys and reimbursed season. The red skin playoffs hopes to have a thousands of feet in an instant, letting Cold McCoy, they added another old.

According to ESPN reporter Adam-Shefte (Adam Schefter), the red skin signed the original jet Sanchez, cheap nfl jerseys which is the replacement of McKoo.

McCoo was going back to the regular season in 2016, he was played for Dallas denim. He served as a replacement of Mitchell Trubisky last season. At the beginning of the 2018 season, Sanchez was banned by the violation of the alliance to enhance the performance of drug policies.

Sanchez career record 37-35, reached 86 times, was copied 86 times. The red skin is currently 6-4, only a winner of Dallas, Darlas, and the two sides will be in Thanksgiving.