Dolphin Assistant Cohal Cao Dewell temporarily left for health

Beijing July 15th, US Time Saturday, Miami Dolphin officially announced that Jim Caldwell, which was originally established to assist with the team assistant, Jim Caldwell, will temporarily leave the job, turn Team 2019 consultant.

Kudewell said through the official website: «Because some need to focus on health problems, I will return to the scene. Thank Stephen Ross, Chris Grier, Floris Brian flores and other people give me a support of my family. «

Dolphin coach Floris added: «We hope to support Jim as much as possible to help him improve health. His knowledge reserves and rich experience are very precious for us, he will still give me other points in the season.»

Assistant Quad Supreme Shu Jerry — Jerry Schuplinski is expected to replace Kudewell.

The 64-year-old Kudewell joined the Dolphin Training Group in February this year, he has worked in cheap nfl jerseys from china for 7 years. He served as head coach in Pony (2009-2011) and Lion (2014-2017), career record 62-50. Other time he served as a quarter-breaking coach and an offensive coordinator.

Before the addition of dolphins, Kudewell has also interviewed in the Rasht, Brown, cheap jerseys from china Packagers and Jet.