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Galloppo was previously visually sprained in the second week, and suspected injuries were suspected in the game. He will absent for at least six weeks, if you need to receive surgery, absent time will be longer.

Focus pointed out in the comments that the performance of the nights on Thursday may affect whether the red skin decides whether to give Cossins. Smith believes that Cousins’ performance may allow your contract to shrink by $ 1,00 million.

Confused Houston Texas people, four-guards still have not been resolved. Due to the first four-point Wei Tem-Savich, the Texas had to send a rookie four-point guards Shaun Watson, although the performance is still not very bright, the Texas people will remind For a season, Hoyel Malet, I hope that Watson can bring surprises to fans in the next game, leading Texas to go on the right track. JJ-Watt’s return is a very good news for Texas and Texas fans, hoping that J.J. can remain healthy, let us re-see the defensive beasts that are desirable in the court.

49 people quadrant Sky Galopo and proximal strips will absent several weeks

US Time Monday, according to ESPN reporters, 49 people quartz Jimi-Garmy Garoppolo and the close-end Georg George Kittle will be missed for several weeks.

In the case where the main quadruption of Taylor is undecided, any option added to the squash attack can get the Subject 4-point EJ-Manuel (EJ Manuel) and the offense coordinator Greg. — Welcome to Greg Roman. Although McCay’s current field average spheroid code has only 49.7 yards and 7th bolts, he is obviously the impact of injuries. This may be the first game we have seen in the 100% state.

Kirk Coss is not criticized

After the Night Tournament, after the Night Tour, the Red Leather 4-point Wei Kirk Kirk Cousins was accused in the NFL NetWork program, and the player changed the commentator’s Marshall Faulk. Steve Smith and Michael Irvin have not independed their point to Coss.

Regular Tournament Second Week, Tuesday, Texas @ 虎 prospect

The second week of regular season started the team, the first week of defeated team, the first week of the unsealed tiger will continue to take the home Paul-Brown Stadium to meet the first Way of blood washed. Texas. The two teams have worked in four consecutive seasons, and in the 9 times of the two teams in the past, Texas people 5 wins and 4 losses a little more advantage. In the last time two teams, Texas people won tiger with running DVD-Bruce, 24-yard running ball reached 24 yards.

Last week, Sincona Tiger, which was optimistic by a brick home, was attached to the Palm Crow of the Palmus Crow in the same district at home. And the main four-point Wei Di-Dalton played extremely poor and contributed 4 cases for the crow defensive group. The main entry of the AJ-Green can complete the score of 950+ code numbers in the first six seasons of their careers, which is better to take over the legendary — Moss. And the defensive group generals defensive truncation Nino-Atkins completed 1 time in last week, since 2010 has completed 53 kills, all of the wholesale nfl jerseys all defensive cut off first.

Jack Del-Rio, the coach of this raid, said that it is not clear. He said: «I don’t know if they are so big. I estimate that they may be too awkward on the weekend, or last night, watch the Warriors Thunder grabbed seven and very excited. These things happened today is a Very good lesson, these mouth corners and conflicts are unnecessary, and the idea of ​​respecting us does not match each other. These three conflict protagonists are basically a newcomer in the team. They have not understood our team culture, responsibility is all in me. I hope that we will not waste time and effort in this thing, we need tough, but not this kind of tough, comply with order is the most basic. «

According to CSN reporter Scott Bair, the raid person has three teammates fight three teammates in tiratory team training on Tuesday. The first is the attack guards who have spent a big price this year. Klechi Osemele and the rookie defensive end of the army-Ward, Jihad Ward, cheap jerseys From china Subsequent, then attack striker Jones — Jon Feliciano and Defensive Dragonfly Leon-Orr (Leon Orr) twisted together, then the new show striker Vadal Alexander and defensive end Monteri-Moore (DAMONTRE) Moore conflict.

Three teammates in the trip of the raid

Spontaneous training in the rest period is generally warm-up, between the teammates and the gas, try to avoid fierce bodies, and always adapt. However, in the training of the raid, it seems not to be like this.