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Houston Texas People Offense Coordinator Goldesi Leaves the Team

Coach Bill O’Brien (Bill O & # 39; Brien) Next season, Houston Texas will still be coached. But the attack coordinator George Goldsey is not so lucky.

The opponent in the bear team is a lion, Trustersky last season faces two wins in the lions, passing the 511 yards, reaching 6 times, being copied once. However, this is not a factor that affects the first selection.

NFL Meida’s Ian RapoPort reported that in the layout of AROUND THE NFL, Newton’s pain hopes to alienate enough to participate in training on Thursday. Based on the Libott, Newton tried to relax and decided that this day is more suitable for treatment. «I am very optimistic, I hope that he is here, we will continue to pay attention to the development of this matter.» The coach speaking in the local media on Wednesday on Wednesday. «We have begun to pay attention to this every day until the end.»

Tusbuski passed the 3223 yards in the 2018 season, reached 24 times, was copied 12 times, while the squash pushed 421 yards, reached 3 times. Due to the shoulder injury limit last season, Turbuski reached 17 times (League 27), passing the 3138 yard (21st), the passing of the ball attempts 6.1 (League 32).

Newton is absent training but still hopes to play in the first week

At this time last week, Cam Newton and Ron Ron Rivera clearly stated that the pain of ribs would not stop the four-point guard of the Black Leopard of Carlao, in the first battle. Pagan pirate playback. The pain of the ribs led to the practice of Newton’s missed on Wednesday, and now this should be obviously optimistic.

Harvard Beard Male Ryan Fitzpatrick almost staged a miracle again. But the final loss is still dolphins. The red skin is relying on a weak chicken opponent to the season’s first victory, and the Hill Callahan is happy to open the door.

Andy Reid, I have also guided the double-energy running guard: Brian Westbrook compleors 90 times in the 2007 season, Dus Staley. In 2001, 63 bones were completed, Lesean McCoy completed 78 battles in the 2010 season, Jamal Charles completed 70 battles 70 times in the 2013 season. With these successful examples, Hunt’s ball is also worth looking forward to.

Last season, Hunt not only drove 1327 yards, but also completed it 53 times, and pushed 455 yards, achieved 3 reaches, proved that he was two-use. He said: «I like this very much, because I have more opportunity to touch the ball, let the opponent miss the hug. The difficulty part is to ensure that the ball is safe, and can continue to advance.»

Russell Wilson’s offensive ability is still excellent, passed into 287 yards, reached 2 times, but also completed a rush to reach this year, he has passed the ball to 14 times, but it has not been copied Over, it is entirely a performance of MVP. It’s the main ground offensive main force of the Hawk, and he has pushed 124 yards 24 yards.

Digs this game completed seven games, promoted 167 yards, Cousins ​​pushed 333 yards, correspondingly, running Dalvin Cook, there is no achievement. Alexander Mattison scored 14 times, advanced 63 yards. The proximal edge of Kyle Rudolph and Eff Smith are also good.

Before Digs completed the difficulty of reaching, the eagle had a 17-point, but the lack of ball transformation was completely buried. Carson Wentz 40 passed 26 times, pushed 306 yards, reached 2 times, was copied once. Jake Elliott also passed a copy of a copy during a false shooting ball tactics.

Tyreek Hill, Tyreek Hill, completed a high-difficult ball in the first quarter, and then hangs the defensive player to send the ball to the end area, and declare his return to all fans, but he can’t It has been maintaining such performance. The most traffic Shanier completed 5 batches, pushed 80 yards, reached 2 times.

In this victory, Cosx was completed four times, and the ball was transferred more than 300 yards in the second week. He completed the ADAM THIELEN in the first ball of Viki, and then found Stefon Digs score. In these three times, twice were the far-reaching ball of Digs, the last time Diggz completed the ball reachable in the end of the end of the terminal.

In the backward situation, Texas has a 20-point leader and takes away cheap jerseys from china the emirate home. Deshaun Watson is called twice, but with a pass of a pass to the twice and twice to reach the megadownload megadownload megadownload megadownload.

Section IV, Teddy Bridgewater completed a pass to the 6-6 Ping. The Jaguji offensive group did not make anything like a counter-attack in the rest of the 12 minutes, so that New Orleans won four consecutive victories.

The game itself can’t say how exciting. Joining Adrian Peterson scorpion pushes 118 yards. Dolphin quartz, Josh Rosen, was copied twice, was killed 5 times, and was replaced by Fitz Patrick when the team 3-17 was behind. Magic Hu belt doubles twice, but the coach Brian Floris (Brian Flores) did not choose two points in the last junction, running to the Kenyan Drake, which did not complete it under multiple feet. Ball, the dolphins can only continue to swallow the failure.