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At present, the false look of the Falcon is a young Jack Matthews, although the performance is not satisfactory, the team is still full of this potential player. If you can join the Falcon, he will have the opportunity to replace the current right cut Ryan Schraeder. The team is also likely to arrange Matthews to serve as the right cut, let the more experienced blind eye test.

67 out of the new season List player

According to the collective bargaining agreement after the wholesale nfl jerseys and the NFL players union to modify the provisions, during the epidemic players you can choose not to participate in the new season competition. There are currently 67 players to opt out of the new season.

Many people think that Manning will go to the radio to make a game broadcast. It has recently been reported that Manning is advised to consult the John Madden. Madona was previously the head of the Auckland raid, followed by his 29 seasons to work in Fox, CBS, ESPN, and NBC stations.

Biliqieke admit Brady ban could change the game plan

In the face of quarterback — Tom Brady when (Tom Brady) outstanding four-game suspension this topic, the New England Patriots coach Bill — Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) did not say a lot.

He asked if the backup quarterback Jimmy — Garo Polo (Jimmy Garoppolo) need to lead the team on September 10 to face the Pittsburgh Steelers, his game will be ready to make a change for the Garo whether the Baltic.

After the deadline, if the player meets certain criteria can still apply for the exit of the new season. Criteria include: If the players get new diagnosis was identified as belonging to high-risk groups, or if the player’s family as the new crown pneumonia or complications of hospitalization, medical institutions stay or death.

«High-risk» player does not necessarily have to quit the season. Due to high-risk players reason to exit the new season will be counted in the cumulative season and will get all the benefits and the minimum salary, the other will get $ 350,000 subsidies are not included in the salary advance.

If Manning Choosing Radio Working His first choice is likely to be a CBS radio station, it is reported that the team work is the last choice of Manning. However, the current ESPN is more likely to get Manning, and at least 2 teams are interested in demanding Manning.

Article 13 of the Routine Range Rankings in the Sino-German offensive group, and the Bill defensive group ranks third. This season, Deshaun Watson, Watun Watson, has achieved a total of 284.7 yards, and the success rate of passing has reached 67.3%, and a total of 34 times, the quarter-off guards reached 98.0. After a large reinforcement, the offensive front line with Laremy Tunsil and Tytus Howard can make Watson have more space. However, the injury of the No. 2 external handwell-Fuller is a shadow of the Texas people offensive. Until the Texas Talent will determine whether Fuller appease before the game.

Left Die Jack — Lang close to Falcon

Once the champion show, the left side of Jake Long is nearly a step. Tuesday, Tuesday, Atlantian Found Eagle main coach Dan Quinn revealed in an interview that the team was conducting a training.

«Once we began to prepare against the Steelers game, based on that we have all the information & mdash; & mdash; injuries and whatever information & mdash; & mdash; the best way we can use can do, the most competitive way prepare for this game. «Biliqieke told ESPN. «We will look at the information in our hands, this information may come from many sources, both Tom’s situation or deal with some of the physical condition of players, we will begin to see the time when we prepare our state, and then in the preparation of the these circumstances reflected in the training. this is a player and a player can play or not play because of injury is no different when we are closer and closer to the game, we will pay attention to how things develop. «

Earlier this month, Quin said that the team has been paying attention to: «We are still discussing, considering some players, Lang Natural is one of them.» As the most dominated disappearance in alliances, Languar is troubled by knee injuries in the past two years, and there is no longer the courage of the year while falling. Recently, after receiving a comprehensive examination, the doctor announced that he has fully recovered and can re-participate in the competition.

In addition to White, Line Wendremein is also worthy of attention. He is the first player who has achieved more than 100 hugs in the 2 session of NFL. In addition, the Bill of the Bill Leader, the defensive ends, and the ranking of 44 kills this season.

Cleveland Browns: front retaining Drew — Forbes (Drew Forbes), offensive tackle Derek — Duo Beike (Drake Dorbeck), defensive tackle Andrew — Billings (Andrew Billings), Malcolm protect front — Jean Plymouth (Malcolm Pridgeon)

The first round of the first round of the Sales, Josh Allen, can tell the lack of stability, the average transfer rate of 58.8%, while the Bill offensive group is ranked twenty-four under him . Bill scored no more than 17 points in the past four games, and this season has advanced 330.2 yards, and it is 19.6 points, which is the lowest in the race. For Allen, the good news is that the Texas people’s defensive group only ranks the 218.3 yards, which is the worst in the race team. Allen is good at the middle distance of the central area of ​​the venue is the soft rib in the Dezhou people’s defensive group. Bill may be able to use optional attacks and regional reading to pose a threat to Texas people’s defensive groups.