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When Brown’s trading rumors were initially transferred, the price of Pittsburgh will generally think that the price of Pittsburgh will be a two-wheel file. After all kinds of farce, the transaction Brown’s chips may have only one middle-round draft sign.

General Manager of Steel Man: Trading Brown must benefit the team

On February 21, Beijing, the general manager of the steel man, KEVIN COLBERT, as long as the bid is reasonable, and the outside of Antonio Brown still has the possibility of a team.

Kobe told reporters that although the steel man is currently intended to trade Brown, they will not «easily let go.» «If you can’t benefit the steel, the team will not choose to trade.» Kibell said this.

Ryan hesitated and continued: «Ok, I still admit it. This is me. But I would like to make him pay attention to it. So I put it & lsquo; jet forwards & rsquo; word this information indicates that at the moment we are together, and we recognize have 1 win and 8 losses, but we will still be together, but how. this is not a blame or whatever, we have been complaining about this, but we To resolve it. «

The ram spending a big hand, the transaction arrives in the champion, and let him serve the first quarter-off, and the team’s signature characters and cornerstones. He has already showcase other four-point guards than other quadrespanies, and he is considered to be the puzzle that the team finally achieved the only lack of performance.

According to the Kansas City Media Report, the chief is expected to cut off Safety, Roen Parker. They have been cut off the corner revis and line Wendrick Johnson (Derrick Johnson), when the new league begins to get angle Marcus Pites ( Marcus peters) Trading to Los Angeles Rana.

The chief in the secure position and Daniel Sorensen and Eric Murray, and the Star Corner Wirak Berry will also tear from the loose tendon. Return. They also signed the corner David Amerson and will receive Washington Red Leather Wan Dell-Wom (Kendall Fuller from the trading of Alex Smith).

The rookie safety of Karlvin-Puertle is quite appreciated. He said: «This is Rex. Everyone knows that it is difficult to keep a positive attitude, but he is such a person. This is the reason I believe in him, which is the reason why I trust his behavior, he is this Types of people, he said a ridiculous person. Except for him, I don’t want to play other people. «

The bear decided to let Carter becomes a substitute, and it is possible to indicate that the team management has completely lost confidence in Katler, and whether it will clear the team into the focus of people. The salary of Kartler next season is $ 15.55 million, and is guaranteed, which makes the difficulty of Carterle sharply, but there are still some teams that are extremely exciting and capable of eating a big contract. So the feasibility of the transaction is still not low.

Whether he is in the 2016 season, it is necessary to adapt to the competition, Goff has talent and Cheap jerseys From china excellent psychological conditions to become a successful Nfl Jerseys quartz-free & mdash; & mdash; hopes that he can lead the ram to walk out of mediocrity.

Brown is currently ranked in the total value of the contract in terms of the position players in the eighth, but his average annual salary is only ranked fourteenth, behind Vincent — Jackson (Vincent Jackson), Jeremy — McLean (Jeremy Maclin ) and Pierre — hondurensis (Pierre Garcon) these players. Brown’s salary this season was $ 6.0 million.

Outside the Steelers took over on Saturday to take a customized version of the Rolls-Royce color Steelers to report to the team on the first day of training camp, which dispelled speculation that it will not stop training for the. «Stop training will never have good results,» signed a six-year 43 million contract before the 2012 season, Brown said. «Just look at history. ‘Strike there will always be a tragic outcome. It will not be the best decision. I make a lot of money. I sat Rolls-Royce to training camp.»

This trick also includes a banner that uses a «jet forward» over the intake of remote remote mini helicopters. In an interview with Ryan Jets official website interview, he said: «I do not know if you noticed today’s helicopter, our flags and banners are in it, I did not know where to come, if you who buy and tell me.»

The top Jimmy-Clan is very comparable to some people in the team and the Trestman’s tactical system is expected to contribute unexpected performance in the field. This week he will face the first Detroit Lion, the first defensive alliance. This will be a big test of Clays

«You know when you indulge in thinking about the future you will see now,» Brown said. «I’m doing here today is to show how I work hard to show I can still be the world’s best players and help my team win.»

On Wednesday, the event was that the fans Renting drones were called for speculation of General Manager John Izik (John Idzik), if the head coach Rex Ryan said the kind of behavior It is unfair to His boss Izique, so Rui En is very happy to show the flight stunt.