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Kam — Newton is evacuated for himself: it is not a prenatal season.

The last year of the 2015 season, Kam-Newton did not bear the name of Superman, and won the most valuable players of wholesale nfl jerseys. He led the Carolina Black Leopard with alliance offensive, Newton, also took 45 more than the run. Newton’s offensive efficiency is also a number of seconds, 7.1% of the promotion, allowing him to jump homemade DAB to celebrate DAB in the end area. In addition, Newton will advance the 7.1 yard each time. At the same time, the panther’s 42.9% advanced can be converted, and each advancement has received 2.40 points, and it will not be reached in the alliance.

«This is not so nervous.» Cam-Newton said, «But it is a good exercise, our opponent is quite good. You know, those who have good education are very ignorant. This is (this is It is not good to express the fundamental reason. Anyway, we will definitely be better than this. I am still very happy for this game. Although I lost I am not happy, we know that we are not good enough. We will be better. of.»

Jones said: «No matter what you criticized, the most criticized is me. I am not putting powerful, I just tell you to do this. He (Galt) is a good person, the family is full, We also know what is good for him. Like me, it is very fortunate to be part of the Cowboy Club. He will not hesitate when he makes these evaluations. «

A star player is adjusted in this season: from 4-3 outside the outer line to adjust to the left 3-4 outside the guard, less integrated defensive, more simple to mission. This adjustment looks very familiar, yes, Feng Miller is this season, Calier Mark is also, in fact, Mark is still in the air in the air, but the remaining 86% Boad, it is a nightmare of the other party, because the station is more than the standpoint, Linkedopentafsir.Com the rush angle is better, and Mark usually kills four points, this is the reason why it is in the quarter. . Mark’s trick is also simple: cattle Chong. The first three steps of the Mark are pushing. There are few distalness of the alliance. There is enough power to resist, in fact, the mac is only 114 kilograms, the horror is his arm strength, and the draft is tested. The score is 23 times, which is equivalent to the achievements of some big son, imagine that the external power of the flyover plus the bobility of the big son, maybe the Mark will be the terrorist defender of the ruling alliance.

When the next month’s draft has a large number of excellent outer-handed seedlings and free players market quotes, Sanders accepts reality as other outside, and strives to find the team that is best for you.

Donald — Pen Encen; & mdash; Old will be selected by the occupational bowl, Gate — Jackson & mdash; & mdash; Dragonfly, Rodney Hudson & mdash; & mdash; Emirates, Jamucus — Weber & Mdash; & mdash; Bear Abandoned, Austin — Howard & Mdash; & Mdash; Jet. The highest-rated Weber, the highest ranking, is the worst member, and the other four people make the quadrant Gardrick Carl thrive in the greenhouse.

Sanders consolidated the young external hands in 49 people. His influence is not only data, but he also gave four points Guiji-Garoppolo reliable pass target. The ribbed injury in the season has affected his play.

Finally, the raid person’s true core & mdash; & mdash; Derrick Carl. 13 years ago, David-Karmunified Jersey’s No. 1 jersey of the Joint Joint Jederase, became the 02-year-old show, only 11 years old Delik also mount the stage, high jersey, and the NFL president of the time. Paul — Talia布 下 下 言: «I will come back.» Until the 2014 Electoral Conference, the fate is so similar, Texas has a subtraction sign, maybe because David-Carl, they seem to need four points. But I chose UCLA’s strife Zeville-Su Aflo, and then the raids were selected to select Dreick at the 36th, while Derk credited the jogue at the time. Because of talents and capabilities fall to the second round? What is doubling, the University of Fresno is big in Fresno is the fire-opening attack, quad-shot scattered gun array, requiring quick pass to cut the law, even Delhi is in the draft There is a sufficient arm talent in the training camp, but the above question still affects the value.

When the new England patriots last Friday, there was no development of Newton and teammates. Newton almost fills the first half (replacement Derrik Anderson only completed one time after the advancement was transferred again) and the third section of the time, the panther was only hit by a shot during the 10th promotion of Newton leaders, «Hao Take 3 points. Promoting the score conversion rate is only 10%, and each advancement can only get 0.3 points.

Well, ok, right. This is not the preseason game. The third episode is often considered to be a practice of regular season, but it is not a big thing. This defeat is not in the record. But if the black panther offensive group can recover, will the rule will be very wonderful? Of course! But they really don’t need trouble.