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After Galert, it said: «That is a long code. We shocked 3 & amp; 2, but did not get how much income. So I think it is, according to the current performance of the defensive group, we should be able to block them. In the same place. «

Previously, the cowboy was once attacked to the 42-yard line of Texas, but Galt did not choose strong 4 & amp; 1, this also incurred many criticisms. Even the boss Jones Jones Jones Jones also have a throat.

Although Warreo has a poor performance in the lions last year, his anti-running ability and high school group are excellent, and it is expected to fight for a big list in Philadelphia. In the 2014 season, it was Warreo’s career year. He got a total of 143 hugs, 2 killed, 3 times destroyed.

On Tuesday, Beijing time, Tuesday, 9:20, this season, the eleventh week of the regular season, we ushered in a battle of focus, 9 wins and 1 losing Los Angeles Rasca, the Sikan Emirates in the same record. This game was originally planned to be held in Mexico City, but due to local site reasons, it was moved back to Los Angeles. These two cross-alliance teams were the first time in four years. From the historical record, the ravese of the race was in the 1994 season, and the later Shengluos era two defeated six defeats, the ravers strive to end today The six-game losing streak of the chief.

Wik tells McCay: Don’t expose too much yourself.

Michael Vick and Lesean McCoy have done a five-season teammate, they know each other, but this does not mean that they agree with each behavior of the other party.

Lightning Run Guard Austen — Ekole: The external concern will not affect his performance

Austin Ekeler is no longer a substitute for Melvin Gordon. Instead, he will become the main running guard in the new season.

In 2019, in the case of Gordon Tet, Ekole proved that he can serve as the team’s main run. In the season, he completed 132 shots to get 557 yards 3 times, and also completed 92 battles to get 993 yards 8 times. Ekac has a total of 224 games that let him rank 24th, and 1550 yards of the offensive propulsion code ranked 9th in the alliance. Simply, Ekler’s performance exceeds most of the running guards.

Recently, Vik, who recently received an interview, said he gave Mai Cao Yue some suggestions, reducing the possibility of he was discriminated against by the head coach. He said: «I tried to give him some suggestions, he understood what he should do, he has his own feelings, so I can’t change anything. I can tell him that it is to keep active, don’t expose my own ideas, He will still play in wholesale Nfl jerseys, so you can’t bring some personal things into the court, keep it all. «

Ekler believes that it is not traditional running guards to be underestimated. «I feel that people have difficult to evaluate me. When they think of running guards, they usually think of the number of squatts and reaches,» he said. «I think my data is very efficient when holding the ball.»

After renewal with the lightning, Ekler will bear higher expectations, and he is expected to bear most of the team’s mission mission. Given that the lightning is expected to serve in Tyrod Taylor, it is more dependent on the offense, and Ekler’s performance is worthy of attention in the early season.

After breaking through the performance last season, the double threat run must play an important role in the Los Angeles Lightning offensive group after Gordon. Ekler believes that additional attention will not affect your performance.

7 days agoVik also said that he didn’t think Kelly is a racial, he is not only like a white player. He said: «I am very familiar with Kelly, I don’t think this is his preference, I don’t know why someone will say this, but all this will pass.»