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Campbell said that the old people will not affect performance.

Although the Jagua defending end Khales-Campbell said this week’s «center is not me» this week, he did set a small goal in his heart.

Campbell wanted to get an external hand in the jersey, and he had thought about it for a long time, but it has never been active. Although they used a nine years of teammates, Cheap Jerseys sometimes it would be too close to lead to difficulties.

Throwing these do not talk, Cheap NFL Jerseys Campbell said that the old man does not affect his thoughts.

«I know that the media will pay attention to these, but for me, this is just another game.» Campbell said, «The key is to win. I have a lot of friends there, spend a long time, there is Many stories can speak. But people must live in the moment. At present, our (American Tiger) is a competitive team, we work hard to win the name of the partition. «

Campbell is one of the strong inspections of the American Tiger. He has harvested 11.5 murder and column first.