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The harmony of the wild horses and the external clon of Thomas still have a huge difference

For External hand de Marry-Thomas and Danfo Menma, the time is slow, and cheap jerseys online the two sides reach a long-term contract until Wednesday, or stop contract negotiations.

The Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale official website reports on the report of the informed news, and the two parties still have «great differences» for the last moment to reach a new contract.

However, the NFL official website reported that the wild horse is willing to give Thomas’s annual salary of $ 13 million. Thomas’ s privileged label contract value reached 12.823 million US dollars, it is reported that he wants to have a contract with Calvin Johnson, such contract annual salary will exceed 16 million US dollars and include $ 48 million security income.

The two sides may reach a contract with the price, but it is not yet clear whether the wild horses will be willing to pay so much cheap jerseys for sale their number.

When the wild horse hopes to take advantage of the four-point guards, Timas is an important member of the offensive group. As an unknown tired training madman, after the wild kubiak’s new offensive system, Manning is still waiting to be worn with Thomas.