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Pirates and Poverty Ali Madmatt completed the six-year contract

Beijing October 10th, US Tuesday, Tampawan Pirate official announced that the first six-year contract is completed with the first left-handed Ai Mat Patet (ALI Marpet).

Matt is a two-round show in 2015, Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping the original contract enters the last year, with a basic salary of $ 900,000. This new contract will extend for five years on the basis of replacing the original contract.

According to Cheap NFL Jerseys free shipping NetWork reporter Mike Garafolo, the extended five-year salary totals $ 55 million, including $ 271.25 million.

Pirates regard Matte as an important part of the offensive group. This offensive front line member can speak all-round, and it has been turned over the center, left sharp, right striker. His career is responsible for the right striker, change the center last season, and this season has been moved to the left. According to the score of professional football focus, Matt is the seventh great striker of the League.