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Eric Berry hopes to continue to stay in the chief

The chief of the seasons have given safe Wei Rick-Berry, which means that Berry will become a free player.

But Berry is more likely to sign a long to the chief, and this is also what the two are discussing.

«I hope so,» Belle said, «My broker has talked about this aspect yesterday.»

The chief can choose to give the label again to make him withdraw from the free market and wholesale nfl jerseys usa extend the contract negotiation time. This spending is less than $ 13 million, but may cause problems in another sharp line player.

Defensive Diagonal Downry-Wave is also a free player, which means that the label for wholesale nfl jerseys china Berry means that if the chieftain does not want to make the wave into the open market, they must have a long-term contract with the traverse. The salary capsule space of the axiate is estimated to be less than $ 5 million, cutting Nick-Folos and Jamal Charles allows them to have nearly $ 17 million of wage space. However, the primary task of the chief is to talk to the contract with these two defensive backbone.