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[Review] John Johnson led the first victory, Hongki 16-13 wins US Tiger

Red-skinned Swan Swan Johnson (Josh Johnson) was only five games, and the record was full.

Today he finally found the way to win the team. With the Dustin Hopkins 36 yards, the game is over, the Hongki 16-13 is overcome Jacksonville America.

The red skin will end the four-game streak, and cheap nfl jerseys there is a concert in the playoffs. They will be on Saturday on Saturday with the record of 7-7.

Johnson completed 25 passes of 25 times, pushed 151 yards, and completed the chasing score in the fourth link Jeremy Sprinkle. The Jaguchi is then driven by 25 yards in Leonard Fournette, but Cody Kessler passes the ball by Faba-Moro ( Fabian moreau) Casseth, cheap nfl jerseys from china Hongki gains a win chance.

Adrian Peterson has advanced 71 yards, with 38 yards from this winning power, including a key 3 gear conversion.

Kasler was killed 6 times, turned down, the Jaguji offensive group was only promoted by 192 yards. Kasler’s own squatting 68 yards, is already the most effective offensive means of the Jagua Tiger, cheap jerseys online because he passed the ball for wholesale jerseys 17 times, only 57 yards. The 25-yard rush ball in Firenet is the only opportunity for his first half.