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Jet Hiring Heins Ward for Attack Assistant

Beijing September 3rd New York Jet Looking for the new work of the front steelman Hines Ward: full-time offense assistant.

Ward previously participated in the jet training camp.

Adam Gase said: «Joe Douglas» tells me that they intend to let Ward come here to participate in the training camp, taught together, cheap jerseys from china he has worked similar things in Pittsburgh. After he contacted Shanghai Enssen, I also talked to him, and we finally completed the goal. «

Ward’s training is also very good.

Outside Robby — Robby Anderson said: «He is an excellent teacher, because he has always kept himself at a very high level. He is a member of the famous famous Hall of Fame, what can I ask? I learned? In his knowledge, he did his initiative to tell me, not I asked again. I do my best to keep him, and he also hopes to help me with all possible ways. «

Ward compensates for 15 years with steel people, winning a super bowl twice. He is currently the number of battles (1000), the number of ball propulsions (12083) and the number of balls reached (85) are the first of the steel people.

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